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Herbal Forx5 Detox Drink Quick and Permanent Weight Loss Effect 30pcs

Herbal Forx5 Detox Drink Quick and Permanent Weight Loss Effect 30pcs

Herbal Detox Drink Quick and Permanent Weight Loss Effect 30pcs

DETOX is a high-quality drink consisting of 15 herbs selected from around the world. Each of them is in the correct proportion, so that together they form an extremely effective product - an innovation in healthy weight loss. It enables a faster process of weight loss, with longer lasting effect, depending on the specifics of each organism. It’s a healthy choice in the fight against excess weight for overweight people. Through one of its main effects - reducing appetite, the herbal drink is a great prevention against weight gain, as it provides the necessary dose of energy to people with a dynamic daily life. One pack of Detox consists of 30 sachets for a single, daily intake, each containing 4 grams of the herbal mixture.

The product has many beneficial effects on the body:

» More effective, quick and permanent weight loss effect

» Complete detoxification

» Reduces the retained water

» Reduces swelling in various parts of the body

» Energizes the body

» It severely limits appetite

» Stimulates and promotes digestion

» Strenghtens immunity

» Increases the need for water intake

» Reduces the need for caffeine intake

DETOX is suitable to be taken in the morning or around noon - recommended about 30 minutes before meals. It is extremely important to drink enough water during the day - at least 2 liters per day.

Daily use should not exceed 1 pc. sachet.

Add 1 sachet in 150-200 ml. hot water, stir, leave for 5 minutes and then drink. It is possible to consume the tea hot or cold, it can also be added to yogurt.

Yuzu, ginger, cinnamon, parsley, cherry stalk, orange peel, flaxseed, mint, avocado leaf, saffron, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, mate, goruba, moringa

DETOX is incompatible with medicines for high blood pressure. It cannot be consumed by pregnant women and people with heart problems.

In case you have decided to combine the intake of Detox with Iron Tea, then Iron Tea is taken in the morning on an empty stomach, and Detox - before lunch, as daily intake is recommended for achieving the desired results.

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